Our daily bread

Eleanor Zurowski
04.12-10.12 '17

For one week Elly brought us some bread. 
In return Peach and Tor Jonsson cooked every evening and invited friends to share bread and food. 

(this last picture was at a thanksgiving dinner at a friend house, we did not cook all this but we brought some bread with us!)

Daily Log

Sunday 3/12

11.05 -25pm - prepare the dough for Monday’s bread 11.25pm - leave to rest for 12 hours

Monday 4/12

Bread: x1 No Knead Spelt Loaf x1 No Knead Regular Loaf

11.00am - taken out and formed into a ball, rest for another hour
12.00pm - bake (45 min)
12.45pm - rest (15 min)
5.20pm delivered to Ghislain’s studio in the centre (15 min ride there and back from uni)

Tuesday 5/12

Bread: x1 Gluten Free Focaccia Bread, x1 Regular Rosemary Focaccia Bread

6.30pm - mix ingredients
6.50pm - put in oven (20 mins in oven)
6.45pm caramelising onions
7.00pm - panic that the GF loaf will taste bad because it looks bad
7.05pm - begin making normal focaccia loaf
7.10pm - take GF loaf out of oven and let it rest (10 min)
7.10pm - let normal loaf’s yeast mixture rest (10 min)
7.20pm - mix all ingredients
7.25pm - let rise (45 min) under damp cloth
8.10pm - at Peach take bread out and roll into a flat ‘sheet’ cover in plastic wrap rest (20 min) 8.30pm - bake (25 min)
8.55pm - after resting (5 min), serve
9. 00pm - eat dinner at Peach, chickpea stew

Wednesday 6/12

Bread: x1 Roasted Garlic and Rosemary Spelt Braided Loaf Thursday Bread: x 6 Buckwheat Flatbread x 6 Tortilla Flatbreads

11.15am - yeast mixture for buckwheat flatbread
11.17am - put garlic in oven for spelt bread (30 min)
11.30am - buckwheat combine ingredients and rest (60 min)
11.37am - mix all spelt ingredients
11.50am - knead spelt (10 min)
12.00pm - let spelt rest (10 min)
12.00pm - ride bike to store to get baking paper
12.20pm - roll spelt into three different balls and then ‘ropes’
12.30pm - roll buckwheat into 6 different balls, (panic) thus begin making normal flatbread 12.40pm - braid spelt ropes and rest (45 mins)
1.00pm - mix all ingredients for normal flatbread
1.10pm - let normal flatbread rest (30 min)
1.30pm - add oil and bake spelt (25 mins)
1.40pm - roll flatbread into 6 balls
1.55pm - let spelt rest
2.30pm - dishes /clean up
4.33pm - video chat with Ghislain for pickup 4.35pm - Ghislain collected from B.a.d

Thursday 7/12

Prepared on Wednesday

Friday 8/12

Bread: x10 Honey Spelt Rolls

5.30pm - mix ingredients
5.45-5.55pm - let rise (10 min)
6.00-7.00pm - let rise (60 min)
7.00-7.20pm - bake (20 min)
7.20-7.25pm - let rest (5 min)
7.35pm - ride to Peach in the rain/snow
7.42pm - arrival, dinner is 5 of us (2 rolls each) it is meatball soup - stay for dinner at Peach

Saturday 9/12

Bread: x23 Fennel Seed, Cumin and Sesame Spelt Crackers

1.30pm - begin
1.40pm - knead
1.50pm - roll out dough 1.55pm - put in oven 2.25pm - take out of oven 2.35pm - break into pieces 2.45pm - ride to peach 2.52pm - arrival and drop off

7.30pm - start mixing ingredients for Sunday bread 7.45pm - let rise (in the fridge) overnight

Sunday 10/12

Bread: x1 Cinnamon and Raisin Spelt Loaf

10.00am - take dough out of fridge
11.00am - begin preheating oven
11.00am - let rise (20 min) on counter covered in plastic 11. 20am - bake for (30 min) lid on
11.40am - place foil under pot
11.50am - take lid off and cook (10 min)
12.00pm - take out of oven
12.03pm - ride to peach, snow/slippery/hungover 12.13pm - arrival and drop off