BK Maxxx

by Bernd Krauß

21.01 - 12.03 2017

‘Café Drop’ - Publications by Bernd Krauss, 2000- 2016

‘BB’ - Acrylic paint on four canvases, 2012

‘Sektion W’, wooden sticks on peck board, made between 2005 and 2016

‘Museum of Korean Beauty’, Acrylic paint on canvas, metal and wood; For Gwangju Biennale, 2016

‘Night Caps’, Nail polish in bottle caps, 2017

‘Car Window’, PPT (Profane Pilgrim Tour), Fluorescent paint on canvas, 2015

‘Hunkemoeller.com’, Cardboard box, plastic stand and pine wood, 2016

Installed at Peach Bar, 2017

‘Emma Stone’ Styrofoam on canvas with bandages, 2016

‘DOUGLAS: Riechst Du noch oder stinkst du schon?’, Willow wood, plastic stands and display perfume bottles, 2017

‘Various Portraits of BK’, mixed media on paper, 2015/2016

‘Release-Relief (Sportief Paaldans)’, dance pole, 2014 for Het Mooiste

‘La durée’, paperbag, strings and stick (prunus laurocerasus), 2016

‘Owli, pine wood on willow structure, Laurel leaves in boxes, 2017

‘Unterhosenrocker’, plastic seats and underpants, for Gwangju Biennale 2016

‘Soft gallery’, wood, metal tubes and modular fixing, 2003/2017

‘Sender MFR + KTV + RTL locaal’, videos on digital frames, 2016/2017

‘Weapons of a hunter’, diverse wood sculpture and tool sticks, 2016

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