"Everything's gonna be fine"

A mosaic work and some wearables by Joshua Thies

20.11 - 13.12

November 20th and 21st: 2PM-7PM

Please book a date and time via Datum Prikker: https://datumprikker.nl/p2xsuqzyjse78qkr as Peach can only host 2 people at the time.

Apathy or motto?

The title of this project is not a direct commentary on any current world events. It has, rather, been a decade long negotiation regarding the state of people and things.

Nov. 22 until Dec. 13: open by appointment. Please email us if you want to see it at:

peachopposite@gmail.com or call +31(0)6 39 78 37 27

Maastunnelplein 26A / Rotterdam NLOpen by appointment and by chance+31 639 78 37 27 peachopposite@gmail.comFB/IN