'Sonne, Perlen, Nikotin

(a sentimental celebration)'

Rabea Ridlhammer

19.01-23.02 2020

An exhibition by Rabea Ridlhammer in collaboration with:

Bergur Thomas Anderson, Felicitas Arnold, Luca Carboni, Agata Cieślak, Florian Clewe, Hannah Endrulat, Clementine Edwards, Kim Forni, Maike Hemmers, Lisa Hübscher, Alexander Iezzi, Tirza Kater, Sonia Kazovsky, Pedro Matias, Petra Ridlhammer, Rainer Ridlhammer, Eloïse Rosetti and Yin Yin Wong.

The exhibition is the result of a variety of collaborations between Rabea and each person she has invited. Every working process has started with an object inherited from the artist's dead grandmother, Anna Katharina Reball, who’s three big passions in life gave the show its title. Rabea and her collaborators used residues of her life to explore different forms of working together, often moving away from the original context or story of the objects in question.

This is both a process of mourning, or letting go, as well as a joyful celebration of transformation and continuation.

*Sun, Pearls & Nicotine

The works will be exhibited together in a bar setting at Peach and accompanied by a soundtrack. The first phase of the opening will be a vegetarian dinner (6PM) prepared with Maike Hemmers at the house before we move to the exhibition in the shed (8PM). We will end the night at a bar in the neighborhood where a last work can be seen.

Since Rabea (known by most of us as Bella) will be leaving Rotterdam shortly after the show opens, the opening event will also be an occasion to bid this city adieu.

Rabea Ridlhammer (DE, 1990) has a background in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. Her work often results in wearable items, pseudo-useful objects, films or printed matter. She is currently infatuated with trivialized practices, media and environments such as dilettantism, gossip, comedy, fashion, TV and bars and investigates them through her work. She also co-founded and organized events at the artist-run space bunker0621 in Amsterdam.