Jake Caleb

with Neva Erik, Hila Kot, Kunley Silvania & Noa Sitton

Atelier van Zuid

10.06 - 31.07 2022

Opening 10.06, 7-10PM

With Atelier van Zuid, Jake Caleb presents a series of photographs and clothing made alongside Neva Erik, Hila Kot, Kunley Silvania & Noa Sitton. The group answered an ad postered by Caleb on public transport and transit stops in Charlois, Rotterdam. The ad looked for young people from the area who were interested in making their own clothing line. Envied but often unheard, the work came from a curiosity in the attitudes of a younger generation and how these manifest within their mode of dress. The artist wondered what sort of style – and the sense of community that comes with it – they would cultivate if given the chance. How would it conform to trend or differ from a prior generation's ideals?

Following this interest and the subsequent callout, the group met to create a clothing line under the name Atelier van Zuid for Spring Summer 2022. Made out of secondhand clothing collected from family and friends, this became an immediate way to experiment with garment design and technique. It was also a test bed for how the group could run their own label. The finished clothes were then documented through a series of photoshoots both modelled and photographed by the group and their friends.

The exhibition presents the photographs and clothing, documenting the process of their production and the formation and dynamics of the group itself.

Atelier van Zuid has been generously supported by Mondriaan Fonds, Gemeente Rotterdam and CBK Rotterdam.


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